How do I remove a data from SecureBackup?


You can easily delete computers from SecureBackup. Login to your SecureBackup web portal, and click on the SecureBackup tab. Select the computer you want to delete and click on Remove [...]

How do I remove a data from SecureBackup?2019-07-31T12:23:49+00:00

Can I restore deleted items?


Yes - both the SecureBackup Web Portal and SecureBackup Restore let you access deleted items. Simply look for the entry in your toolbar called "Show Deleted Items".

Can I restore deleted items?2019-07-31T12:22:07+00:00

How can I restore multiple files?


Whether you want to restore you files on a new computer or are recovering from an unfortunate incident, SecureBackup Restore lets you browse your SecureBackup account, select any file or [...]

How can I restore multiple files?2019-07-31T12:21:19+00:00

Where can I see the files I’ve backed up?


The files that you've backed up are all available from your secure web portal. Login with your SecureBackup account e-mail address and password, and click on the Backup tab - [...]

Where can I see the files I’ve backed up?2019-07-31T12:20:06+00:00

How do I schedule a backup?


SecureBackup does not currently have a scheduled backup option - it constantly protects your files as you work. If you change a file or add a file to the folders [...]

How do I schedule a backup?2019-07-31T12:19:31+00:00

When does SecureBackup run?


SecureBackup doesn't run to a schedule - it just works in the background and constantly backs up your files as you work. Therefore you don't need to keep your PC [...]

When does SecureBackup run?2019-07-31T12:19:05+00:00