SecureBackup was established in  2010 years and has since been serving as a valuable provider in the field of cloud backup. The company is based in Nanpura, Surat.

The importance of data is growing every day. Loosing data can incur a huge loss to any business. It might also result in a lot of precious time wasted on gathering all the data back. This data can be lost due to hardware failure, virus attack, ransomware attack and various other such reasons. How to keep your data safe from all these problems?

SecureBackup is committed to provide a secured and reliable solution to all these problems. You can back up all your data with us. SecureBackup provides easy web access to all your data from anywhere. SecureBackup can store the data of all your computers located anywhere. It can also take backup of all your files that you have created on any other computer. All the data is stored on the cloud at very secure data centers that use military grade AES encryption to keep your data safe from anyone unauthorized.

Secure Backup provides two solutions for all your back up requirements.

SecureBackup: SecureBackup automatically backs up all your ongoing work. You don’t have to remember to take backups. It provides unlimited storage to store all the data that you have stored on your computers or any devices connected to your computer. Multiple versions of all the files are created so you can easily recover all your data without the fear of losing in case of any failures. The files deleted by you are kept secured for 30 days so you can restore the files accidentally deleted by you. It gives you seamless access from Windows as well as Mac platforms.

Solutions provided by Secure Backup are the most economical solutions in the industry. You can be assured of the best possible service provided as Secure Backup believes that good service makes the customer a lifelong customer. Secure Backup connects with the pain points of our customers, realizes the importance of your data and respects your time. With Secure Backup, you don’t have to worry about your data anymore.