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How do I remove a data from SecureBackup?2019-07-31T12:23:49+00:00

You can easily delete computers from SecureBackup. Login to your SecureBackup web portal, and click on the SecureBackup tab. Select the computer you want to delete and click on Remove Computer in the File Management box on the right hand side. The computer will be removed from your SecureBackup list, and all files contained within it will be deleted. Note that once you’ve deleted a computer from SecureBackup it cannot be undone – you will not be able to access those files from your SecureBackup account, unless they are re-uploaded.
When you delete a computer from your SecureBackup account nothing will happen on your local PC – no local files will be deleted at all.
If you delete a computer from your SecureBackup web portal but decide to keep using the SecureBackup Desktop backup software on that PC then SecureBackup recommend that you run an integrity check to make sure that SecureBackup re-uploads any files that were removed. To do this, go to your SecureBackup Control Panel, go to the Advanced Settings tab, select Maintenance and click on Run – SecureBackup will rescan all of your backup folders and re-upload any deleted files.

Can I upload files to SecureBackup online?2024-02-15T06:31:26+00:00

No – you can’t upload new files to SecureBackup online. SecureBackup is a direct copy of the files you have on your computer. If you want the ability to upload files from anywhere and have them appear on your PC.

Can I edit or delete files online in SecureBackup?2019-07-31T12:23:06+00:00

No – you can’t make any changes to files from the web portal. SecureBackup is designed to keep an exact copy of what you have on your computer online, so you can’t edit it online.

If you want to the ability to edit, move, delete or rename files online, try SecureSync – our powerful access-anywhere service.

Can I restore deleted items?2019-07-31T12:22:07+00:00

Yes – both the SecureBackup Web Portal and SecureBackup Restore let you access deleted items. Simply look for the entry in your toolbar called “Show Deleted Items”.

Can I get access to previous versions of files?2019-07-31T12:21:39+00:00

Yes – SecureBackup keeps up to the last 30 versions of any file. Login to your web portal, click on the Backup tab and navigate to the file. Double click on the file to view its properties – you’ll see a list of historical versions here and can download whichever one you want.
Alternatively, if you are using SecureBackup Restore, simply right-click on a file and select View Older Versions or select Versions from the toolbar to see a list and restore any historical versions.

How can I restore multiple files?2019-07-31T12:21:19+00:00

Whether you want to restore you files on a new computer or are recovering from an unfortunate incident, SecureBackup Restore lets you browse your SecureBackup account, select any file or folder and then restore it straight to your PC, either in its original location or any location you choose. The installer will take you through everything you need to set up SecureBackup Restore – it only takes a few minutes!

What happens if I delete a file from my PC?2019-07-31T12:20:29+00:00

If you delete a file on your PC then it is moved to the Recycle Bin in your web portal (even if it isn’t in your Recycle Bin in Windows). It stays here for at least 30 days, so you can restore it quickly and easily. To access your Recycle Bin, login to your web portal, click on the Backup tab and see the Recycle Bin in the left hand navigation.

Where can I see the files I’ve backed up?2019-07-31T12:20:06+00:00

The files that you’ve backed up are all available from your secure web portal. Login with your SecureBackup account e-mail address and password, and click on the Backup tab – you’ll be able to browse your files just like you can in Windows. You can download files or folders from here with one click, but you can also do so much more – you can watch your movies, view your Office documents, play your music and display your photos right from within your web browser!

How do I schedule a backup?2019-07-31T12:19:31+00:00

SecureBackup does not currently have a scheduled backup option – it constantly protects your files as you work. If you change a file or add a file to the folders that you are protecting, SecureBackup will instantly upload it without interrupting you.

When does SecureBackup run?2019-07-31T12:19:05+00:00

SecureBackup doesn’t run to a schedule – it just works in the background and constantly backs up your files as you work. Therefore you don’t need to keep your PC on overnight or worry about whether the backup ran at a certain time – your files are protected all of the time.

How do I choose which files to backup?2019-07-31T12:18:30+00:00

When you first install the SecureBackup Desktop software the welcome wizard will guide you through selecting the folders you want to backup.

Once SecureBackup is installed and running, you can add any folder to the backup list just by right clicking on it and selecting Backup with SecureBackup.

Or on a Mac, select the folders in Finder, and then select “Selected Files” > “Backup this folder” from the SecureBackup menu next to your clock at the top right of your screen. SecureBackup will then upload the contents of that folder in the background. In future SecureBackup will monitor the folder and any files you add or change will be uploaded instantly in the background as you work.

Advanced users can easily manage all of the folders you want to backup by opening the SecureBackup Settings screen in your Windows Control Panel, clicking on the Services tab and selecting “Select folders and files to backup”. From here you can manually add and remove folders to your backup.

How do I download and install the SecureBackup software?2019-07-31T12:17:58+00:00

To download the SecureBackup Desktop software simply login to your web portal, click on the Account Settings tab and select Software Download. This page will show you how to download and install the latest version – it’s very easy and literally takes minutes.

What makes SecureBackup special?2019-07-31T12:16:55+00:00

There are many things about SecureBackup that make it stand out from other backup solutions. Here are just a few of them:

Extremely easy to set up – our simple step-by-step setup wizard helps you choose which files you want to backup. It literally takes a minute, and once you’re done, you don’t need to worry about it ever again.
Backs up your files as you work – you don’t need to worry about leaving your computer on overnight, or your backup suddenly starting up at a set time when you’re trying to do something else. You certainly don’t need to remember to do anything. SecureBackup just silently backs up your files as you work, so as soon as you change a file it’s instantly protected.
Stored off-site for complete safety – unlike backing up to an external drive, CD or DVD, SecureBackup copies your files to our secure servers in our carrier-grade data centres. This means that if the worst should happen- fire or theft – your data is still securely backed up in a completely different location to your PC.
Completely unlimited storage space – you can back up as much as you want with SecureBackup. You don’t need to worry about your CD, DVD or backup tape being full – it will just keep backing up no matter how much you have on your PC.
Restore previous versions of files – sometimes a file is not lost or damaged, it’s just been changed in a way you don’t want. Maybe someone made alterations to a file and you need to restore it to a previous version. With SecureBackup you can – it stores the last 30 versions of any file, and you can download the older editions with one click.
View your backup files online from anywhere – your backups are not compressed into some obscure format or hidden in a dusty filing cabinet – they’re live online. Simply log in to your secure web portal and view them from anywhere. You can even play your music, view your Office documents, watch your movies and display your photos right from within your web browser!

What ports does the SecureBackup client use?2019-07-31T13:01:58+00:00

The SecureBackup Desktop Software needs to be able to connect out to the SecureBackup servers on ports 50234 and 50235. If the software is having trouble connecting to SecureBackup, please ask your network administrator to open those ports.

I connect through a proxy – how do I set that up?2019-07-31T13:01:48+00:00

boxt_xtProxies can be configured either when installing the software for the first time, or from the software’s control panel. You can select your proxy when you first set up SecureBackup, or you can go to the SecureBackup Preferences screen and set up proxies from the Advanced tab.boxt_xt

Which operating systems does the software support?2019-07-31T13:01:12+00:00

The desktop software is currently available for Windows XP, Vista, and 7; and Mac OS X 10.6.

How do I know when updates are available?2019-07-31T13:00:26+00:00

The SecureBackup desktop software automatically checks for updates. When a new version is available you will be alerted by the software itself and guided through the simple update procedure.

Where do I get the Desktop Software from?2019-07-31T12:59:59+00:00

To download the latest version of the SecureBackup desktop software, simply login to your SecureBackup web portal, click on the Account Settings tab and select Software Download. The Software Download page will show you how to download and install the software. There’s a version for Windows and a version for Mac OS X.

I have SecureBackup so do I need two pieces of software?2024-02-15T06:08:33+00:00

No – the SecureBackup desktop software is the same for both SecureBackup  users, but just shows different features depending on the type of account you have. If you upgrade your account from a SecureBackup account then the software will automatically display all of the Securebackup features the next time it starts.

Is the software free?2019-07-31T12:58:32+00:00

Absolutely. The SecureBackup desktop software comes free with any SecureBackup account.

What is the SecureBackup Desktop Software?2019-07-31T12:58:03+00:00

The SecureBackup Desktop Software makes using SecureBackup easy! If you are SecureBackup customer it works in the background to protect your precious files as you work. If you are a SecureSync customer it adds a new drive to your computer – the SecureSync drive – where you can access your SecureSync. No matter which type of SecureBackup account you have, you only need to install one piece of software on your computer – the SecureBackup Desktop Software.