Where can I get a SecureBackup account?


Send a request us to support@securebackup.co.in  for 15 days free trial as well as purchase yearly subscription. Or you can contact your nearest SecureBackup reseller. To know the location of [...]

Where can I get a SecureBackup account?2019-07-31T12:08:29+00:00

Why do I need SecureBackup?


Over 60% of users have lost irreplaceable data from their computer. The files you store on your computer - photos, music, videos, emails and documents - are increasingly precious, but [...]

Why do I need SecureBackup?2019-07-31T12:06:02+00:00

How secure is SecureBackup?


SecureBackup is very secure. Our data centres use military-grade technology to keep your files encrypted and safe. We support SSL transfers between your PC and our servers too, so there's [...]

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What does unlimited storage space mean?


Our SecureBackup accounts offers unlimited online storage. Unlimited storage space means that you can put as much as you want on your SecureBackup without worrying about it - and can [...]

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