There are many things about SecureBackup that make it stand out from other backup solutions. Here are just a few of them:

Extremely easy to set up – our simple step-by-step setup wizard helps you choose which files you want to backup. It literally takes a minute, and once you’re done, you don’t need to worry about it ever again.
Backs up your files as you work – you don’t need to worry about leaving your computer on overnight, or your backup suddenly starting up at a set time when you’re trying to do something else. You certainly don’t need to remember to do anything. SecureBackup just silently backs up your files as you work, so as soon as you change a file it’s instantly protected.
Stored off-site for complete safety – unlike backing up to an external drive, CD or DVD, SecureBackup copies your files to our secure servers in our carrier-grade data centres. This means that if the worst should happen- fire or theft – your data is still securely backed up in a completely different location to your PC.
Completely unlimited storage space – you can back up as much as you want with SecureBackup. You don’t need to worry about your CD, DVD or backup tape being full – it will just keep backing up no matter how much you have on your PC.
Restore previous versions of files – sometimes a file is not lost or damaged, it’s just been changed in a way you don’t want. Maybe someone made alterations to a file and you need to restore it to a previous version. With SecureBackup you can – it stores the last 30 versions of any file, and you can download the older editions with one click.
View your backup files online from anywhere – your backups are not compressed into some obscure format or hidden in a dusty filing cabinet – they’re live online. Simply log in to your secure web portal and view them from anywhere. You can even play your music, view your Office documents, watch your movies and display your photos right from within your web browser!