When you first install the SecureBackup Desktop software the welcome wizard will guide you through selecting the folders you want to backup.

Once SecureBackup is installed and running, you can add any folder to the backup list just by right clicking on it and selecting Backup with SecureBackup.

Or on a Mac, select the folders in Finder, and then select “Selected Files” > “Backup this folder” from the SecureBackup menu next to your clock at the top right of your screen. SecureBackup will then upload the contents of that folder in the background. In future SecureBackup will monitor the folder and any files you add or change will be uploaded instantly in the background as you work.

Advanced users can easily manage all of the folders you want to backup by opening the SecureBackup Settings screen in your Windows Control Panel, clicking on the Services tab and selecting “Select folders and files to backup”. From here you can manually add and remove folders to your backup.